Das gesamte IROC Team wünscht Ihnen besinnliche und harmonische Festtage und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr 2018.

Die Augenklinik ist vom 23.12.2017 bis 07.01.2018 geschlossen.
Wir freuen uns, Sie im neuen Jahr wieder bei uns begrüssen zu dürfen.
The entire IROC team wishes you peaceful and pleasant Christmas and a happy new year 2018.

The Eye Clinic is closed from 23.12.2017 to 07.01.2018.
We are looking forward to welcome you again in the new year.
Zürich Augenarzt und Team

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Your ophthalmologists in hearth of Zurich - IROC team

IROC’s goal is to provide the best possible quality of patient care and services in ophthalmology in Zurich. Having experienced and competent ophthalmologists specialized in the different segments of the eye working together in one place in Zurich is something that differs us from other ophthalmologic eye clinics in Switzerland.

Beside patient care, IROC ophthalmologists are contributing to the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic ophthalmologic devices guaranteeing the most modern technique for your eyes. This is depicted in the various publications of IROC ophthalmologists in Zurich in high impact ophthalmologic journals over the last 30 years.

Beside conservative ophthalmologic patient care, IROC eye clinic is offering all different types of eye surgeries: from eye laser to correct refractive errors, cataract surgery for lens opacities, customized corneal cross-linking (CXL) for keratoconus, ultraprecise corneal transplantations using the femtosecond-laser over Eylea and Lucentis injections for exudative macular degeneration to cosmetic and therapeutic lid surgery. All ophthalmologists in our Zurich eye clinic contribute to the well-being of the patient, before, during and after each consultation and/or treatment.

The team of renowned Zurich ophthalmologists is led by Professor Theo Seiler, MD, PhD one of the most well-known and recognized ophthalmologists in Switzerland and entire Europe. He is considered one of the pioneers of refractive surgery, cataract surgery as well as corneal transplantation (DALK, DMEK) and is the owner of a plethora of awards of European and American ophthalmological societies demonstrating his capability and expertise.

Apart from Professor Seiler, the IROC team consists of other well-known Zurich ophthalmologists such as:

  • Dr. Michael Wolff, ophthalmologist Zurich, specialized in retina and macular degeneration (AMD)
  • Dr. Tobias Koller, ophthalmologist in Zurich, specialized in cornea and keratoconus, CXL
  • Dr. Uwe Press, ophthalmologist in Zurich, specialized in lid surgery
  • PD Dr. Aharon Wegner, ophthalmologist in Zurich, specialized in glaucoma
  • Dr. Valery Vinzent Wittwer, ophthalmologist in Zurich, general ophthalmology
  • Prof. Dr. Gerald Schmidinger, ophthalmologist in Zurich, specialized in cornea and cataract surgery

Below you can take a look at each of our Zurich ophthalmologist’s curriculum vitae and see that they work at IROC to provide the patients with best-possible medical care to guarantee satisfaction. In addition, IROC is cooperating with the Zurich ophthalmologist Dr. Corina Röscheisen and Prof. Dr. Franz Fankhauser.

The decision for an eye clinic is important and should be well thought as it is about your vision! IROC is one of the leading eye clinics in Zurich and Switzerland, with the experienced Zurich ophthalmologists, which makes it the perfect choice for your eyes.

IROC - your eye center in the heart of Zurich for a good vision (without glasses)!


Iroc Zurich Dr Schidinger

Ophthalmologist FMH, spec. eye surgery

Iroc Team photo in front of Iroc office in Zurich

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