Das gesamte IROC Team wünscht Ihnen besinnliche und harmonische Feiertage und einen guten Rutsch in das Jahr 2024.

Die Augenklinik bleibt vom 24.12.2023 bis zum 02.01.2024 geschlossen.

Wir freuen uns, Sie ab dem 03.01.2024 wieder bei uns begrüssen zu dürfen.

The entire IROC team wishes you a peaceful and harmonious holiday season and a happy New Year 2024.

The eye clinic will be closed from 24.12.2023 to 02.01.2024.

We are looking forward to welcome you again from 03.01.2024.

Terms of service

General terms and conditions of IROC AG, hereinafter referred to as IROC or the clinic.

Validity of the terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions are based on Swiss law and apply within Switzerland, unless the parties expressly or impliedly recognize it. Changes and ancillary agreements are only effective if confirmed in writing by IROC.

If a contract is concluded and the customer also presents terms and conditions, the corresponding points apply. With regard to the deviating components, a written agreement is made.

These terms and conditions apply indefinitely unless they have been changed by the parties in writing.

Incidentally, the provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations and other Swiss laws and regulations apply. Should a provision of this contract be ineffective or the contract contains a gap, the legal validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. In place of the invalid provisions, an effective provision shall be deemed to have been agreed from the beginning, which comes closest to the economic intention of the parties. The same applies in the case of a gap.


IROC offers medical services in ophthalmology and refractive surgery.

Price lists and brochures contain non-binding information and recommended prices. Telephone information has no longer-term validity, unless it is clearly an offer. Offers made in writing, by telephone, in personal conversation, by fax or by e-mail are considered binding. If the customer requires services that are not included, these will be charged additionally.

An offer is valid for 30 days unless otherwise agreed in writing. All documents and samples submitted with the offer remain the property of the clinic. Without the consent of the clinic, third parties may not be granted access to the offer documents. Statements that are referred to by the clinic as guidelines are non-binding and should only serve to estimate the size.


The clinic undertakes to provide the customer with the agreed services on the agreed dates, while the customer undertakes to fulfill the agreed deadlines and to pay for the services provided within the payment period granted after receipt of the invoice.

The dates are appropriately postponed if obstacles arise. However, the clinic reserves the right to charge a flat rate of CHF 70.- for missed appointments. This lump sum will be charged if appointments are missed unannounced or not canceled within 24 hours before the start.

Prices and terms of payment

The prices are calculated according to the Swiss TARMED tariff. Exceptions are reserved and are based on the service catalog of the health insurance companies.

Payments are due within 30 days of the invoice date without deduction.

If payment conditions are not met, the clinic is entitled to:

I. Make immediate demands against the customer,

II. Set off reminder fees and default interest for all outstanding claims,

III. In the event of further late payment, initiate collection.


The clinic is committed to the care and delivers the services in a good quality. It further commits itself to the careful selection, training and professional working methods of the employed staff as well as their supervision.

Final provisions

Changes or additions to these terms and conditions must be made in writing; verbal collateral agreements were not made.

Should individual provisions of these terms and conditions be or become ineffective, the validity of these terms and conditions remains unaffected. The ineffective provision should then be replaced by a provision which comes closest to the economic objective. The same applies if these Terms contain gaps.