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Ophthalmologic emergency Zurich

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Ophthalmologic emergency consultation in IROC eye clinic

In ophthalmology, several conditions of acute-onset require an urgent examination by an eye doctor. In case of an eye emergency, IROC ophthalmologists are at your side and offer same-day consultations.

You don't need to be a patient of IROC, this service is also offered to new patients!

Cadinal symptoms of such emergencies are acute pain, foreign body sensation and/or an impairment of visual acuity in one or both eyes. Also, visual phenomena like flashes and floaters (mouches volantes) may occur in case of an emergency. Most eye emergencies are not dangerous if treated appropriately. The following list summarizes the most frequent emergencies in which IROC ophthalmologists recommend a same-day consultation:

Eye injuries

A foreign body hit your eye or did you have an accident? If you suffer from pain or visual impairment, we recommend an emergency consultation to rule out any serious injuries to the eye that require appropriate treatment. In cases of a foreign body or a broken contact lens, our ophthalmologists will remove them.

Red and painful eye

Have you recognized atraumatic redness with accompanied foreign body sensation or pain? These symptoms may occur in case of a conjunctivitis, which may clear up within a few days of treatment but it may also be the first sign of a severe inflammation of the inner eye.

Flashes and "black flies"

Do you see flashes and/or black spots and floaters (mouches volantes) in one or both eyes? These signs may indicate a retinal detachment and require an urgent ophthalmologic examination including pupil dilation for retinal inspection.

Acute visual loss

Any acute-onset of substantial visual impairment represents an eye emergency situation, which requires an ophthalmologic examination. Most frequently the symptoms are of transient nature, however, more serious causes need to be ruled out.

In the majority of the cases of eye emergency, we can provide a same-day examination by one of the IROC ophthalmologists. We apologize if the desired eye doctor is not available and the examination has to be performed by another IROC eye doctor. Please be aware that also longer waiting times may occur in case of an emergency same-day consultation.